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Pointman Cebu has been assisting clients from other countries for almost eight years. One of the capacities we serve in for our clients, is process serving. We can serve almost any legal or tax document you are in need of, throughout the Philippines.


If you are in need of this service, our first piece of advice, is for you to locate and secure a lawyer / solicitor in your resident state, province, territory, or local area. This is very important, because we must serve the documents in accordance to the laws governing the area where you filed your documents.


In the US, for example, each state will have specific, yet different requirements you must meet, prior to serving, say, divorce documents on a defendant / respondent within the Philippines. So, you would be required to follow the local laws and regulations regarding divorce in your specific state, prior to retaining our services.


After securing a lawyer and filing the appropriate documents within your judicial system, you should contact us for assistance.


Our requirements, in order to make your case flow more smoothly, is to have you, your paralegal, or your attorney, ship all necessary documents to us via FedEx, DHL, or LBC. Please do not ship the documents through any other courier service, without communicating with us first. This is extremely important to make sure we receive your documents in a timely manner.


Please note that shipping through one of the above listed couriers is the only way we will ship Proof of Service, Waiver of Summons, or other important / urgent documents back to you or your solicitor / attorney. The postal system in the Philippines simply is not reliable, and is quite corrupt. You may never see your documents again, if you ship them via your local postal service. Also, we will not be held responsible for any documents you choose to ship via any postal service.


Additional requirements we have of our clients, is to provide us with the location of the respondent, including his / her full name, and the complete address, barangay, city, town, or municipality in which the respondent resides. (If we are enlisted to have to locate and serve the respondent, we do charge extra.) A fairly recent photo and other contact information on the respondent would be helpful, as well.


The last part of our requirements is payment. We only accept payment in full, prior to serving any documents in the Philippines. The primary way for us to receive funds is through MoneyGram online payment service. It is fairly quick, easy to send through, and there are many locations throughout the Philippines, where we may retrieve the funds sent.


If you would like further information regarding the service of divorce, tax, or other legal documents in the Philippines, please contact us at the following address:


 paul (@) pointmancebu (dot) com



NOTE: When dialing, please keep in mind the Philippines is either 12 or 13 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone, depending on the time of the year.


As is any service which is provided by Pointman Cebu, you, the client, are guaranteed the best service available in the Philippines. We are the original, and only, Pointman Cebu.


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