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Here is the new Pointman Cebu Rogue's Gallery, our our very own Scam Artists Central. These are girls, without a doubt, who have proven themselves to be scam artists, by meeting up with a possible (and genuine) mate online, and then kindly separating these unsuspecting, and sometimes a bit naive folks from their money.


The reason we have listed these girls here, rather than on the "Cases" page, is due to the fact that we have obtained large amounts of additional proof from various different government agencies (and other reliable sources), in order to prove true intent to scam our clients, on their part. These are more "professional" scammers, than the typical cases we have conducted, and have placed on our cases page.


Additionally, these scam artists are helping to destroy the faith others have in people throughout the world. When you meet someone online, and you are a genuine person in your heart, it is a horrible thing to be used by the person on the other end of your internet connection. You feel in your heart, they are the "one" for you. However, the only "one" in their minds, are the "one-hundreds" they can steal from you.


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Jackelyn Cainday
Jelly Mae Sumagang

Jovenyl Entienza Mangyao



PMC Case Date: 12/12/2007

Amount lost: Approximately $8,000 USD, plus

Name: Jackelyn Cainday

DOB: 11/9/1977 - Not confirmed


Date added:01/09/08


Folks, meet one Miss Jackelyn (Lani) Cainday, our newest addition to the Rogue's Gallery at Pointman Cebu. She was slick enough to divest a man of roughly $8,000 USD, over the period of about four months.


Lani was allegedly born in Cagayan de Oro, but currently resides in Barangay Ubujan, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, or at Pook Pantalan, Tagbilaran City, Bohol.


Here is his story, posted as he emailed it to me, verbatim:


Well I thought I would tell you my story in detail. I won't mention all the dollar amounts but in total, counting the 10 days I was there, I spent over $8000 on her. I'm not a rich man at all, most of this money is on credit that i now get to pay back. Met her online thru Cherry Blossom. She was very nice of course. I started thinking with my heart instead of with my head. I made plans to come and see her and i did in October for 10 days. Stayed at the Bohol Tropics and she spent every night with me. Told me she worked in the market selling veggies.


Every morning she would leave early, about 6am, and return around noon saying only the morning was good for selling veggies. I told her I wanted to see where she worked, she said the market was no place for me, it smelled so bad I would puke. She "protected" me from that bad experience. She took me to where she said she lived, it was a room in a house. She had a key to the door so maybe she did live there, but it was very barren not much at all in the room.


Told me she had a son. I took him and his "friends" on the Bohol tour. Of course we now know the friends were his brother and sister. I wonder if each kid gets to be the only child when she scams another guy. I bought <her son> a used gameboy on eBay.


She had told me she had not had sex in 10 years. While i was some what skeptical of this her knowledge of sex seemed to confirm it. She told me how much she loved me many many times, was very attentive and convincing.


I gave her money before i met her, she told me how she did not eat very good food, so I wanted her and her son to eat better. Then her "bad luck" started, I will try and list the problems she had.


Her son got a kidney infection. Hospital stay and medication. She got dengue fever. hospital stay and medication. Because she was sick and in the hospital she fell behind on rent, 2500php for the room.


By this time I was a walking ATM machine with bi weekly withdraws.


My visit was from October 5 to 14, it was after that she would have an emergency every week. Her veggie stand was broke into and they stole all her capital. Of course I'll help you, you love me.


<Her son> needs English lessons @ 4000php a month (full time wage for part time teaching). She got evicted from her room, so i agreed to rent her a house for 5000php a month. I had to furnish the house, dining table chairs, couch, TV, queen bed, air-con for bedroom refrigerator. I think i gave her over $1000 just for this.


Overnight trip to CDO to get her birth certificate. Lies I am sure. While in CDO at her aunts house, the mp3 player I got for her is stolen. <Her son> gets bit by a dog. Rabies shots that cost way too much. 3, then 4 of them.


Her Lolo is sick and in hospital, he can pay all but 8000php of his bill, lolo will pay me back in January when he sells a lot in town.


Her trip to Cebu is where she got robbed.


> Begin Pointman Cebu Investigation <


This gentleman enlisted us to verify if her story was right, regarding being robbed by a taxi driver after leaving the port in Cebu. She was, supposedly anyway, headed to the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs), in Cebu City. The client told us that she had informed him that she had filed a police report at the Mabolo Police Station, Cebu City. According to her, she had lost everything except her ID, the very thing she needed to receive more money from our client.


After following up every lead, we verified that Lani, or Miss Jackelyn Cainday had never filed a case, nor had even visited the Mabolo Police Station, or any other station in Cebu City, for that matter. Her story, later verified, was 100% fictitious. She had never even boarded a boat to come to Cebu City, much less been robbed while here.

> End Pointman Cebu Investigation <

She still begs me to take her back and give her one more chance lol. If women had balls, she would pack 10 pounders.


I am sure I am leaving some "emergencies" out, there were so many hard to keep track. I had read the rule "do not send money" but thought that did not apply to me coz she loves me.


Someone reading this would have to think how dumb can a man be? It was my loneliness and using my heart instead of my head. I have learned from this although at a cost, in more ways than one.


I still talk with Filipina online. Some seem like good girls, just like to chat and never asked me for anything. I am learning to spot a scammer though. They will start out very nice and friendly, then maybe the next time you talk to them they have all kinds of problems. Don't ask for money but they say how it would be nice if they could only visit their family for Christmas, or need some medicine, etc.


Always a sad story, as soon as that starts I say good luck, bye.




PMC Case Date: 08/30/2004

Amount lost: Approximately $8,000 - $10,000 USD

Name: Jelly Mae Sumagang

DOB: 05/20/1966


Date added:10/26/04


The following story, with the exception of the information we insert from our actual investigation, was written entirely by our client. He offered for us to edit it, but I felt as though his story should be kept the way he wrote it. Thanks to our client, Don, for taking the time to do this.


Here is my story regarding the Jelly Mae Sumagang experience. A photo is attached.


I (the client) met Jelly Mae Sumagang in an internet chat room. A serious relationship soon developed, as she used the concept of love to pull me in. All things seemed fine until I received a mysterious e-mail from a person claiming to be a former suitor. This individual said that JMS was already married, had 4 children and was only interested in the depth of our pockets.

She had told me that the Father of her only child died in a car accident shortly before the birth of her daughter. Therefore, they had not yet gotten married. While in shock, I presented JMS with this information. She said that it was all untrue and that she did, indeed, have only one child.

She went on to say that the (stated) husband's name was not familiar to her. I requested that she contact the NSO and provide a CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage). She said she would, but never did. So, after waiting and waiting, I contacted the NSO and purchased a CENOMAR and a Marriage Certificate.

These documents were slow in coming, and I already had plane tickets and plans to spend 2 weeks with JMS in the Philippines (a country that I thought was fabulous in so many respects). At this point, I had decided to give JMS the "benefit of doubt" and believe her side of the story. In fact, I was prepared to marry her on the spot. OK - Not so wise, but I landed in the RP anyway and presented JMS with a diamond engagement ring. She already had a wedding planned, even though she knew that she was married and the RP government would not allow us to tie the knot. The Consulate in Cebu tripped us up, as they required a copy of her Daughter's birth certificate.

This could not be acquired in time, so the wedding was off, but the party was still on. I ended up paying for (what became a family reunion) at the Port of San Pedro, along with transportation, food and lodging for 15 - 20 relatives. A good time was had by all during the next 2 weeks, as we discussed a home and a business for JMS.

Shortly after I returned to the USA, Jelly Mae Sumagang contacted me to say that she had signed a deal on an eatery and I needed to send $2,900 right away to seal the deal and make the necessary repairs. I thought this was cheap by American standards, so I sent the money (an easy touch, huh?) and she soon started to tell stories of her great daily intake (seemingly to be $3,000 per month gross). I was skeptical. Then one day, I checked the mail and there was a letter from the NSO. I took a breath and opened it. The CENOMAR said that Jelly Mae Sumagang was married in 1989, and the marriage certificate clearly identified her husband as that person named in the "Mysterious E-mail". She had lied about being married, the number of children she had and even knowing the name of her husband. She said nothing about her true immediate family situation until I showed her the documents, forcing the truth from her. She would have never come clean, had I not presented proof of her real situation.

This is when I contacted Pointman Cebu.

> Begin Pointman Cebu Investigation <


This client sent Pointman Cebu to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, in order to locate this lady and verify whether she was, or was not telling the truth about licenses, actual cost and ownership of the carenderia, and try to get some information on her true feelings for him. Here are the facts, as listed by Pointman Cebu:


Pointman Cebu spent a total of four days on this case, at the request of this client. Between us and our operatives, we met with Jelly Mae Sumagang a total of four times. She never had a clue as to what we were doing there, each time.


Pointman Cebu verified that Jelly Mae Sumagang had never taken ownership of the carenderia, legally anyway. She, however, did make a pact with the owner to take the money from the client, and go along with the scam.


Pointman Cebu verified, through various government contacts, that Jelly Mae Sumagang had never paid the taxes or transferred ownership of the carenderia, into her name. She did, however, send him falsified documents showing she had, in fact, purchased the carenderia.


Pointman Cebu verified that not one centavo had been spent to upgrade or work on the carenderia in any fashion. The carenderia was exactly the same as when we lived in Dumaguete City, ourselves, last year.


Pointman Cebu has copies of all of the original documents, each directly from the associated government offices concerning this case. Each and every one of these documents conflicts with the paperwork and lies created by Jelly Mae Sumagang.


While Jelly Mae Sumagang thought she could scam someone halfway around the world, Pointman Cebu was there to help the client out.


> End Pointman Cebu Investigation <

My suspicion grew even greater when Pointman Cebu reported that they had never seen the $3,000 engagement ring on the finger of Jelly Mae Sumagang. So, during one of our webcam chats, I asked her to produce the ring. She said that she did not have it now, but would bring it to the internet cafe next week when we would chat again. Just minutes before our next chat was to begin, I received a text message from Jelly Mae Sumagang saying that she had pawned the ring. This was the "final straw". I asked her to get the ring back and send it to me. Negotiations are still going on, as of this writing.

I do have to take responsibility for being such a "sap". At the same time, I do not think that this gives license to a person who wants to cheat another. Jelly Mae Sumagang lied about her marriage and family, as well as, numerous other things that meant "out-of-pocket" expenses ($8,000 - $10,000) for me. She would never tell the truth about any of this, until forced to by seeing overwhelming evidence. Everything stated in the "Mysterious E-Mail was true. Avoid this woman like the plague.

Please feel free to edit this. Entering my story in your case files could save another unsuspecting soul.

Thanks for all you have done,




PMC Case Date: 10/11/2004

Amount lost: Approximately $5,000 USD

Name: Jovenyl Entienza Mangyao

DOB: May 30, 1984


UPDATE: I recently (12/30/07) communicated with another man who, after reading this information, also claimed to have been involved with Jovenyl. In fact, he almost married here! I guess Jovenyl really did get around. I truly feel for the husband she has now, who has taken her to Australia. Poor bloke. You see, he (and Jovenyl) contacted me sometime back, trying to convince me that she wasn't the bad girl that I paint her as, here. I guess she finally found someone (P.T. Barnum said it best, so I have no need to repeat it) who actually bought her story.


This lovely scammer... or scam artist's name is Jovenyl Entienza Mangyao. Her married name has been purposely left out to protect her soon to be ex-husband. Ms. Jovenyl Mangyao is from Barili, Cebu, and formerly lived in barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City. She also formerly worked as a redemption booth girl in Cebu City, at a local mall. She was 20 years old, as of the date we added this case to the site.


Date added:10/05/04



History: Our client met Jovenyl online, some time back. They continued to talk online and swap e-mails regularly, almost until it was time for him to arrive in Cebu to take her hand in marriage. The client had been originally referred to us by someone who processes visas to the states, as the client needed assistance with filing his wedding application paperwork, after arriving in the Philippines.


So, while we were trying to assist him, his fiancée (at the time) had other plans in mind. She convinced our client not to use us for any services, as her family could provide everything and make all the arrangements necessary for them. He went along with it, deciding to go with her suggestion, over ours.


A few weeks later I received an e-mail from the client, asking for assistance and advice, as he had been scammed. Our client had already arrived back in the states, where he was in a position to make things happen. You see, once he had arrived here, he was not allowed to go anywhere without her family with him. During his visit, they would not let him out of their site, literally. He was physically accompanied (twenty-four hours a day), by at least one or two of Jovenyl's family members. Obviously, there was a Mangyao family meeting prior to our client's arrival. I know he wished later, that he had been shown the minutes of that meeting.


Since this was his first time in the Philippines, he was truly in another world, one of which he literally knew nothing about. In fact, he later told me that he wanted to contact us for assistance while he was here, but was unable to even use the phone, being nervous about her family and what they may do. No folks, I'm not being dramatic. This is what this client actually experienced here.


Fortunately, after arriving in the states, he contacted us as well as his visa processor. Both of us gave him the same advice. That was, do not take Jovenyl to the states. For one reason above all others, it would be fraud. Either way, he decided to go about this the right way. He filed for divorce in the states, and sent Jovenyl a copy of the papers to sign. However, the now Mrs. Client, saw another way to get even more money out of our client, or so she thought.


At the time the client contacted us again (recently), he asked if we could possibly locate her (as she had moved since his last communication with Jovenyl), and get her to sign the divorce papers and forward them to him. Well, Pointman Cebu went to work. We located her new job, her new residence, and something new to view, on her id badge anyway. (I'll explain about this in a bit.)


I replied to the client, suggesting that we not approach her then, asking for the original papers he had sent. If we did, she could come up with any excuse not to sign them, and possibly bolt on us as well. It was much better for us to keep her in the dark, then spring this on her all at once. It worked, and quite well I may add. Allow me to explain.


Miss Jovenyl... err Mrs. Jovenyl, was hard at work (on her job as a redemption booth girl, located by my partner), when we approached her at work with our own copy of the divorce papers for her to sign. Talk about someone who thought she had the upper hand! This young woman was hell bit and determined not to sign the documents. First, she said that she had to be off work before signing the documents, and that we could meet her near her work station at the time she was off-duty. When I let her know that wasn't an option, she said that she hadn't read them yet, and didn't know what was in the papers she wanted her to sign. I replied that there was another copy she already had in her possession, and had for some time.


Finally, I told her that her work badge was quite nice, and it was a shame that she didn't have her proper (married) name on it. This must be a mistake. I added that we would be happy to speak with her managers, letting them know the accurate spelling of her real name, which was conveniently well typed on the papers she needed to sign, that we had in hand. Amazingly, Jovenyl changed her mind immediately and wanted to sign the papers, after I mentioned that to her.


You see, companies in the Philippines will not hire female employees who are either unwed mothers or married, for temporary position (six month contracts) slots. The reason is, the company may become obligated to pay for coverage including insurance, SSS (Philippines Social Security), Medicare, etc. for dependents of the female employee.


Jovenyl was simply trying to extort money out of our client, in order for her to sign the divorce papers and then return them to him (if she ever would have). However, the divorce papers were put in the mail today. All of this was completed without having to pay Jovenyl a single centavo. Work hard, Jovenyl.



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